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Matchaparty is a ritual that brings the finest tea in the world into a setting for its complete enjoyment as a vehicle for self and interpersonal healing.  With roots in the Japanese tea ceremony and corresponding American forms of aesthetic refinement, it is a cipher of performance art, social, and virtual reality exploration that resonates within a real time data system of health and wellness.  
Participants enjoy traditional tea ceremony in the tea hut - a real time space in the internet of things.  This confidential phone free space is all about being in the moment, and savoring the world's best matcha from farm to cup.
Our multiple participant platform - the black box cipher - confidentially integrates data from the gathering, producing a unique pattern based data rich "coin" recognized publicly by only time, date, and location.
Our unique events in Japan and the USA integrate data for high risk populations, building on local traditions of mindfulness to create trust, resiliency, and improve public health, incorporating

- mindfulness

- design thinking

- contemporary and traditional arts

Different "coins" have different potential value according to the likelihood of participation by various people and their aggregate confidential patterns.
Individual participant data is confidentially coded into the aggregate, creating an inter-operable stock which generates royalties for the community.   

As we say in tea ceremony:

One Meeting

One Opportunity


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