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Matchaparty is a ritual that brings the finest tea in the world into a setting for its complete enjoyment as a vehicle for self and interpersonal healing.  With roots in the Japanese tea ceremony and corresponding American forms of aesthetic refinement, it is a cipher of performance art, social, and reality exploration that resonates for health and wellness.  
This confidential phone free space is all about being in the moment, and savoring the world's best matcha from farm to cup.
To create a critical shelter in a world in which companies are constantly vying for our data and secretly selling it, the tea hut creates a data shield - an anonymous encripted recording formed as artifice of our chance encounter.  The host organization, a local nonprofit, municipality, or business, can use this object d'art to raise money for a local cause.  In this way, our participation is akin to that of the kings, queens, and masters of ceremonies in days of yore - 
building community royalty.

As we say in tea ceremony:

One Meeting

One Opportunity


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